Everyone makes
a difference

Our team is only complete with everyone’s cooperation.
It is our people and their know-how that matter most to us.



The success of our employees is our success

At the Wondercom Group, your success is our commitment.

To accomplish this, we rely on our greatest strength: our employees and partners, because everyone makes a difference. Without them, we would not be what we are today.

We invest in the internal mobility of the people who work with us as a way to develop each individual. Our horizontal organizational structure aims to create a culture of proximity that accelerates this development.

To reach the level of excellence that is needed to achieve the best results, they are our number one priority: our people. It is a priority to ensure their working conditions and environment, ongoing training, and opportunities for professional growth. Our employee turnover is low because we believe that only a sustained investment in human value can make companies grow. Together, in a rich environment wired for growth, we integrate people from various generations so that everyone can learn from multiple experiences and add to their professional and personal development. Many and diverse contributions are the bedrock of Wondercom’s strength, and they are what give us the vitality and professionalism that we strive to cultivate and offer to the market.


At the Wondercom group,
all employees are respected for who they are.

We aim to build a culture of diversity and inclusion. Different people think differently, and by bringing those thoughts together, we will certainly grow.

I invite you to find out more on how you can
join us. Welcome to the world of Wondercom.

Zuzana Fabianová



We embrace our social responsibility and, therefore, prioritize team-building actions, the balance between work and family life, as well as all the training and events we insist on providing, thus fostering the team spirit that is crucial to our results.

Investing in and stimulating our employees, as well as promoting their well-being, is and will continue to be a goal to be met every day. We believe in keeping the links in our chain ever strong and our people ever motivated.