United for a
brighter future

We are natural partners for our clients, whether they are companies or individuals, and it is through them that we have our privileged connection with the market.



The companies of the Wondercom Group operate in Telecommunications, Energy and Information Technology (IT).
We are bound by the internal and external cohesion of our partnerships and this serves as the bridge between continuing our work and building the service of the future, side by side.

Overcoming our clients’ challenges daily is the driving force of the Wondercom Group.

Group Companies

With more than 20 years’ experience, Wondercom offers a range of integrated solutions for Field Service, Outsourcing  and Enterprise Solutions.
The demands of the current corporate scene make the choice of our services an informed and competitive decision.
Wondercom has an experienced team of professionals capable of presenting you with the best solutions for any challenge in the Telecommunications, Information Technology  and Energy sectors.

Group companies

Wondertrade emerged with the aim of representing the group’s business partners in marketing its products and services.
We market solutions for Vodafone and EDP Comercial, presenting them to the market through customized and face-to-face sales.

Group companies

KnowledgeWorks applies Information Technologies to product development, such as Yo!, and provides the client with all its experience in outsourcing with a group of specialized consultants in constant development.