Focused on
the Future

We have grown substantially over the course of two decades, consistently and sustainably, and today we are a solid group consisting of several companies, with guaranteed and established experience in the industry.



and Dedication

Wondercom, Since 1999. Over our 20-year history we have integrated Wondertrade and Knowledgeworks. We are a Portuguese company operating in Telecommunications, Energy and Information Technology (IT).

The last two decades of experience have shaped our DNA, and today we are seen by our clients as a true partner. We tackle the challenges of those who seek us as if they were our own, and we are proud to be recognized as such within our market.

We are flexible, dedicated, committed, and resilient. We have a strong network of professionals, who are monitored and assessed under a strict training and quality control program, to ensure the client is provided with excellent service.


Over 20 years of
accomplishments and results

We have travelled a path of constant learning supported by sustained growth, the competence of our partnerships, the corporate culture we have developed, and the will and trust that has made us grow and get to where we are. Get to know our journey.


The ethos that has gotten us this far is based on a purpose and on traits that our team has always nurtured, and through which we evolve daily.

01. Dedication

The dedication to our clients as well as the constant adaptation to their business model and way of working is one of the main focuses of everyone working in our company. This is how we manage to create the partnership relations that we have nurtured over the years.

03. Proximity

Being close to the client is crucial to the realization and success of what we set out to do. The innate availability and flexibility to adapt, on a daily basis, to the needs of our clients speaks for us, as does our need to embrace new challenges, always alongside those we serve.

02. Professionalism

We foster a culture based on strict procedures and excellence, subject to constant scrutiny and review. This approach is reflected in the quality of our projects, as well as in the effectiveness of our services and solutions.

04. Realization

Bringing things to fruition is our mission, with responsibility, wisdom, and thoughtfulness. We don’t just jump in without being prepared. However, we stay prepared to throw ourselves in and succeed. Getting results, with structure and critical thinking, is what we seek in our practice.


What moves us?

Our mission is to implement and guarantee services and solutions supported by the latest technologies, investing in excellence and innovation, through highly qualified professionals.

We have the ability to reach both companies and individuals, tailoring solutions to each of our clients. We study different solutions so that our clients can dedicate themselves to what matters most, whether in business or in life. Our experience will provide them with the most effective answer.

Our goal is to be a natural and reliable partner for those who seek us out, to accompany each client in reaching their goals, and to always try to exceed our own expectations.


We have built a solid union for a promising future.
Learn more about the structures that allow us to combine all the existing offer in the market, and thus provide more and better services.


A team that is both professional
and trust worthy

To lead is to be supportive and to set an example, to have a vision that moves constantly towards the future, bringing everyone together, and nurturing a mentality of growth, training, and continuous evolution. Meet the guides of our journey.

Zuzana Fabianová

Teresa Marques

Pedro Barbosa